LV Sketchbook Page 021 (Zhongshan Station)

August 31, 2017

Zhongshan Station is a Chinese research base on the East Antarctic coast. Established in 1989 by the Polar Research Institute of China, it was China’s second scientific outpost in Antarctica. Zhongshan accommodates up to 60 personnel in summer and 25 in winter, focusing on geological, glaciological, atmospheric, and marine sciences. It is also facilitates expeditions to China’s Kunlun Station inland at Dome A.

In my collage, Zhongshan appears as a circle in shades of green towards the bottom of the composition. Why green? Because the base prominently employs the color in their architecture. Zhongshan’s atmospheric physics building features pastel green on its exterior while its spherical water pump is a more vibrant hue, and the winter living compound‘s interior has verdant accents throughout. The motive for using green is easy to guess: the color is a welcome sight on a continent largely devoid of vegetation.