Long View Installation II : Art above 66° 33″

January 31, 2017

I’m excited to be participating in Art Above 66° 33”, a group exhibition that considers the issues, history and environment of the Earth’s polar regions. My new series of sculptures, collectively titled LV Installation II, marks my second exhibition of The Long View Project’s progress (the first being in 2011).

Installation II showcases eight pairs of mixed-media panels (titled ‘vignettes’) that incorporate discards from Antarctica to create a series of book-like compositions. Mounted on four wall shelf units, the compositions speak to Antarctic science, history, and environment with the larger goal of examining humankind’s relationship with the natural world over time. Vignettes 5 and 6 are pictured above.

Art Above 66° 33” runs through February 10, 2017 at the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art in Rock Island IL. The show was curated by Claire Kovacs and produced in collaboration with the Augustana Center for Polar Studies. The participating artists are Michael Bartalos, Cheryl Leonard, Oona Stern, Lisa Goren, Morten Hilmer, Ben Huff, Bridger Konkel, Andrea Polli, William Stout, Jonathan Harris, and Andrew Moore.