LV Sketchbook Page 012 (McMurdo Map)

March 25, 2017

LV Sketchbook page 012 is a stylized map of McMurdo Station and its environs looking eastward. The yellow circle at top center indicates Mount Erebus, the world’s southernmost active volcano. To its right lies Mount Terror and to the left lies Mount Bird, two other prominent peaks on Ross Island. McMurdo’s main complex is the circled red dot circle to the lower right of Erebus.

The white square at the center is frozen-over McMurdo Sound and its ice runway. To the right lies Black Mountain and on the left lies the Golf Ball. Further left is Hut Point, home to Robert Scott’s Discovery expedition hut of 1901-04. No less importantly, the McMurdo Dry Valleys occupy the bottom third of the page.

Note to users: While minimal effort has been made to ensure map accuracy, some elements may actually be to scale and reflect correct locations in relation to one another.