Projections 8

April 17, 2016

Bartalos-Projections 8 in indirect light_4462-450x540

Projections 7 is the second of two pieces I’ll be showing in the Frontrunner pop-up show in Chelsea this month. This piece is designed to respond to changing light conditions throughout the day, from diffuse illumination (shown here)…

Bartalos-Projections 8 in sunlight_4457-450x599

to direct sunlight, as shown here.

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Projections 7

April 16, 2016

Bartalos-Projections 7 in indirect light_4409-450x666

Projections 7 is one of two wall pieces I’ll be showing in New York this month. Like Projections 6, this piece employs translucent acrylic panels that cast colored shadows to act as extensions of the artwork. The shadows range from subtle (as shown here in defused light)…

Bartalos-Projections 7 in sunlight_4424-450x599

to dramatic (as shown here in direct light).

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Frontrunner Show in Chelsea

April 14, 2016

Frontrunner Annual Affair Announcement-450x675

I’m excited to participate in Frontrunner Collective’s pop-up exhibition, An Annual Affair, which runs concurrent to Frieze New York. Curated by Edward Symes (who interviewed me for the magazine in 2013), the show runs from May 6-8 at 526 West 26th Street, 10th floor, with an opening reception on May 6 from 5-8 PM.

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Book Arts Exhibition at Healdsburg Center for the Arts

April 13, 2016


I’m happy to be part of Look! Book Arts, an exhibition that runs from April 14 through May 22 at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts. The show, curated by C.K.Itamura, looks at diverse forms of making books by hand and explores contemporary use of traditional and alternative materials and methods used by artists to create artists’ books, altered books, zines, and broadsides.

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Long View Study No. 23 (McMurdo Pipes)

March 29, 2016

Bartalos Long View Study No. 23 (McMurdo Pipes)-from left-450x364

How does outdoor plumbing keep from freezing up in Antarctica Find out on my Long View blog at the California Academy of Sciences website.

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LV Sketchbook Page 008

February 26, 2016

LV Sketchbook Pg 008-450x290

Where does McMurdo Station’s drinking, cooking, and bathing water come from? Seawater. Read more about it on my Long View blog.

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LV Sketchbook Page 011

January 30, 2016

LV Sketchbook Pg 011-450x290

Despite environmental protection, Antarctica remains vulnerable to plastic pollution that drifts to its shores from other parts of the world. Learn more on my Antarctic Long View blog.

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LV Sketchbook Page 037

December 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 037-450x291

My latest Long View artwork takes wastewater treatment at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station for its subject. Details at the Long View Project blog.

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Painting Salon Lecture at the Battery

December 1, 2015

Battery logo by MM DesignSF-450x300

I’ll be speaking at The Battery in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday, Dec. 8 with Antarctic colleague Lisa Blatt. The talk is part of the Painting Salon lecture series which features different artists at new venues each month. Doors open at 7, talk starts at 7:30.

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LV Sketchbook Page 038

November 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 038-450x290

Despite protective measures, human presence continues to take a toll on the Antarctic environment. Read more about it on my Long View blog hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.

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